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Free Cigar Review Worksheet

Here is our Free-to-Print cigar tasting sheet from Racine & Laramie! Developing your palate is important as a cigar aficionado. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just starting out, our cigar tasting sheet is a great tool to help you organize your cigar tasting notes as you enjoy your favorite cigars. We want to give you a free template to use to create your own cigar journal.

The PDF version is a form to easily keep track of your favorite cigars on your devices. We even took the time to label the fields so you can export sheet data for later analysis, if you like.

This cigar review sheet will help you keep track of and grow your appreciation of fine cigars. With spaces for all the basics, such as cigar origin and cigar size, as well as notes on construction, draw, burn, and more -you’ll be able to keep a comprehensive record of each cigar you smoke, no matter if you purchased a Dominican Fuente Fuente Opus X or one of our own house brand Honduran Alcalde cigars.

Our cigar tasting sheet isn’t just a cigar review tool. It also includes space for notes on food and drink pairings, making it a great resource for when you’re enjoying a cigar with friends or keeping track of the best cigars. We included a ‘color wheel’ of sorts for tobacco tasting notes, so you’ll be able to capture the unique flavors and aromas of cigars for quick reference in the future.

  • Get insights into cigar tasting notes & cigar terms
  • Gain a new appreciation for cigars in a fun way
  • Identify unique cigar flavorprints with our organized flavor wheel
  • Develop your palate and learn to identify flavor notes
  • Document your smoking sessions for reference or reviews
  • Keep track of prices and cigar store for each cigar

So, whether you’re looking to keep a record of your smoking experiences, to keep track of how your cigars change as they age, or share around at your next cigar party or herf, our free-to-print cigar tasting sheet is the perfect tool for you. Print as many as you like and keep them in a binder for easy reference. And, when you’re ready to restock your humidor, consider giving us a call at Racine & Laramie to place an order from our range of premium and well reviewed cigars.

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